{27 hours} Productivity

I've had a very productive weekend so far! In the last 27 hours I've managed to get a whole lot of quilting done....let me show you!

9pm on Friday night  - I made 1 lot of pink binding and attached it to a quilted top and attached a second lot of  stripe binding( that was already made) onto the 'Spot' quilt. I was really happy with trying something new for the quilting on this quilt a few weeks back. Most of it is pretty plain but this is what I can up with on the border...

Continuous quilting in square spirals....I'm really happy with how they turned out despite a few wobbles!

I've gotten heaps better at controlling the flow of the fabric underneath the needle and I'm keen to try some more continuous quilting soon.

10pm  - So keen in fact that I jumped straight onto quilting this 'Dr.Suess' quilt. Aden picked out the yellow fabric (despite me trying to steer him towards the blue!) With some blue and red from my stash and some quick cut squares we have a new Daycare blanket!

I wanted something not girly or swirly and I didn't want straight lines either....so a few days ago I googled some quilting patterns and found this one...Angles and Circles.  I'm using a blue variegated thread. Nothing really works with the bold colours to blend the quilting so I went with it as a feature.

It got to about midnight and I about a third of the way through when my tiredness got the better of me!

10am Saturday morning - Amongst all the regular Saturday morning family stuff (most of which my darling Hubby took care of so I could quilt!) I finished the quilting on the Dr. Seuss quilt, made and attached the binding.

2pm - Not wanting to leave the machine and keen for something to do more adventurous quilting on (and I could have got out a WIP I guess....but well you know......) I started a new quilt using some girly owls I got from Spotlight in the last sale, I pulled out some fabrics from my stash and got stitching.

8:30pm  - 6.5 hour quilt top....including cutting fabrics, dinner, bath and bed for the boy and going to vote. Oh and hot chips and gravy for afternoon tea!

53 x 41 inches
(Dodgy phone pics in my dark sewing room!)

And I didn't stop there!

9pm - The tiles got a super quick vacuum, just in the spot I needed to use, to sandwich it with a piece of the owl fabric for the backing and a perfectly sized piece of batting from the pile.
I also kept out some of the Prints Charming pink spots and made the binding as well!

Midnight - I finally went to bed (at Hubby's insistence...I could have kept going!!) with the squares all ditched and the quilt ready and waiting for the rest of the quilting....I'm thinking feathers in the white borders....I've been practising drawing them!

I've got lots of real work to catch up on today....but hopefully I'll be back to the quilts very soon!


Emma said…
Great work! Good luck feathering; I'm looking forward to seeing it!
DH said…
If you had of come to bed earlier we could have done something far more exciting than quilting together.
DH said…

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