This is what I have spent all weekend working on!! I know it is early now...that's cause I was still working on it!! Had to get up this morning and finish off pinning the last little bit so that I could move it off the ironing board for DH.

I not overly happy with it...There are some major errors!! I will never add to an already quilted quilt ever again....only that Mum asked is the reason for doing it! and I know how she likes to have things right....well never again...I'll make a whole new quilt!!I had only just enough material that I bought extra and still have none left over for pillowcases....yes that is the next piece of the saga....matching pillows....large square ones...and no pattern to follow...I will have to make something up....

I was debating whether to take it back to the professional quilter to finishing of quilting the extra borders....but I'm too embarrassed by the all the I will have to do it my self....thank goodness it will only be on the edges for my poor machine wouldn't handle it! And it will be all straight stitching!!


Helen said…
Oh AJ, I feel your ARGGGGG! You are a brave woman though to attempt it and succeed though as I wouldn't have! So job well done I say! :)

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