I'm in Love!!

I went shopping with MIL on Saturday...now she knows why it takes me so long to shop in Spotlight...I am totally in love with this fabric....I'm still wondering if I got enough to make a quilt for our room...I'm hoping it is 20% off still next week....I might decide to get some more!

The browns in this one looke purple-y put they are the same chocolate brown as the one in the middle.

I was so was out of my comfort zone shopping for these fabrics...I had to make myself stop looking at the 'brights' to find these

They are so not my usual style....I'm very much liking them though...now I just have to find the right quilt pattern ....

This is one DH liked cause it looks like a shark...I can see what he means!!


Cass said…
Very nice fabrics AJ

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