New Dresses for a special occasion.

How sweet does my niece look!

The dress was a lovely fit and perfect length (it is a size 2T with a size 4 length). Her mum was happy with the finished dress. I found the perfect shoes the day before for a bargain $14 and we found a headband that was also a perfect match the morning of the wedding! She didn't wear the ribbon I made but I'm sure she will another time as she has a little bit of growing room.

My handsome son in his 'handsome clothes'
He was wonderfully well behaved throughout the entire wedding and reception. So proud of my little man!

Picking up the flower petals with Bailey after the ceremony to throw at Milla!

So glad I made the little bloomers for her too. Again a perfect match in colour.

And I managed to finish my dress in time too! I wasn't sold on the fabric while I was making it but it looks ok. This fabric is quite a bit stiffer than the first version of this dress and I'm not 100% happy with the way the pleats sit over my tummy (making it look bigger than it is - I'm actually the lightest I have been in a long time!) But it was just right for this beautiful Autumn wedding.

And congratulations to Kristin and Kev on your wedding day! Thank you for including us in your special day. 

8 FQ's in and 6 out  - I only bought what I needed for the dress but there is a little bit left over maybe enough for a simple skirt??


LittleWhiteDove said…
AJ!! That dress is STUNNING on you! And how grown up does Mister Mister look? Too stinking adorable!

(could I use any more exclamation points???)
Natalie said…
You all look fabulous! I love both the dresses you made, I really need to make some more things for myself too

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