Peaches and Cream Abby Dress

After successfully making a practice of the Abby Dress for my niece a few weeks ago. It was time for the real thing!

WORST fabric in the world to work with but it turned out quite cute don't ya think!?!?

The lining fabric was super thin and the lace rather stiff. I won't tell you all the parts that aren't quite right I'm sure you can notice them for yourselves.
 I decided to close the back with a ribbon this time. ( and I actually have the neck the right way this time!) and it sits lovely and flat and pretty. I had to hand stitch the facings down with super tiny stitches.
And because of the thin lining and lace I'm super worried that it might be a little see-through so to save my nieces modesty I made a little pair of bloomers to cover her nappy. And what 18-month-old is a perfect little lady and keeps her dress down....certainly not this one!
There is also a peach hair ribbon/head band as per the original inspiration photo
So there you have it one wedding outfit ready to I just have to start mine!
Incoming: 1 metre lace, 1 metre lining, 1/2 metre cotton
Outgoing 6 FQ's 


Natalie said…
Ooooh that is just adorable!
Erin Quinn said…
very cute :-)
I do love little girl dresses.
E xx
LittleWhiteDove said…
So adorable!

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