Aden had just the best time at his party! I expected him to be a little overwhelmed with it all but he took it all in his stride and was a wonderful little boy as usual! Our 'Ocean' theme was a total hit! My sisters did the decorations and helped with the cake. My Mum and Step-Mum helped with the food and kept people fed and I flitted around enjoying all of our friends and family and of course watching my little boy enjoy himself! These are just a few of the over 1000 photos that got taken...there are more on Facebook if you are family and friends!
'King Neptune' party crowns!
Mummy's cake creation!

Yum Cake!
Scout from Mummy and Daddy
Totally Spoilt!!!!
Not sure how I'm going to top that next year...I don't think I will try!


What a haul! Looks like little Aden had a great first birthday! Your cake was so cute. Best of luck for another year to come. There's no way to top the first birthday so don't even try. I've been trying for years! They just get more fun!! Take care. Jenn

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