WIP Wednesday

Busy week this week! 3 things to report on tonight!

First up is this cute little outfit for my boy!
I've had the shorts finished for a while now but the shirt didn't get done til this week...pity it is too cold to wear just a shirt and in a size 0 he will most likely be grown out of it before he gets too much wear out of it! I'm not sure if the pants are longs that are now too short or shorts that are too long! Very hard to capture a moving baby!

And because it has been so cold and there is no heating in my sewing room for night sewing and the light is terrible anyway I've been doing lots of this...and by lots I mean lots! Although you wouldn't guess how long this seemingly tiny bit of stitching has taken me!
This is what it looked like on the 17th of October 2009
This is what it looked like 26th of June 2010...with Aden playing peek-a-boo!
and this is what I have added in the last week
a crocodile, a hippo and a gorilla!

And I've been quilting too! After a house inspection on Tuesday, the floors were finally clean enough to layout and sandwich the 'Star Bright' quilt! And now I'm quilting it! I'm about 1/2 done with a random star meander. I've gone with a red thread so that it doesn't stand out too much on the red borders...and I'm liking it so far!

Oh and did I mention we are moving next week!! It all happened rather suddenly although we have known it would be happening for a while now...things have just started to fall into place. So I can't be sure I'll have time for a WIP post next Wednesday...I'll see how I go!


Aden's little cowboy outfit is adorable!! I totally understand trying to take pics of a moving target. Mine hardly sits still anymore either! Good luck on the move! Show us pics when you get settled. Take care! Jenn
Love Aiden's outfit - very funky. The cross stitch looks amazing!
SarahB said…
Great projects! I hope your little guy gets some wear out of his cute cowboy set! The cross-stitch is beautiful! I cross stitched for years until I just couldn't see well anymore. And your quilt - so cheery and fun! Nice work all around!

I hopped over to your blog to saw thank you for commenting on my strip pieced skirt tutorial over at Moda Bake Shop! :)

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