Happy Birthday Annaleisa!!

My beautiful niece turns 2 today!!

We had a great birthday party for her yesterday at her place. It was Aden's first birthday party. He of course didn't get much sleep and was passed around alot but he was very very good!

Annaleisa is crazy about Dora so Mum made her a 'Dora' cake!

And she of course liked my present the best! Crayon roll (a few posts back), Colouring books, clothes and a Doll quilt!

All the kids got down on the floor right away and started colouring it was so cute! And that bump under the quilt is a doll...awwwwwwPicture taken on Thursday when I finished her quilt...also blogged about here...

Aden had a fantasic time playing with his cousin....they gave each other rides on the bikes and read stories...they are so cute together. Can't wait to see them interact more as they get older!

Happy Birthday Leisy girl!!


brissmith said…
Gorgeous present and look at your little boy he is loving every minute! Susan :)
Cascade Lily said…
Great doll quilt AJ and how cute is Aden with his big cousin? Lovely :)
cas said…
Cute photos :)

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