{two} Pretend

While Hubby and I had a lovely, all be it rainy, few nights away on the Sunshine coast, Aden stayed with Nanny.
It was the first 2-night stay and I'm rather pleased and proud of how well behaved he was and how he didn't miss us too much. He did ask where I was a few times but a quick cuddle from Nanny and he was happy to go back and play with his cousins.

Ever since the day after Aden's Octonauts party for his 3rd birthday,just 2 months ago, he as been asking for a dinosaur party for his next birthday.

And Nanny indulged him while he was there.... A pretend dinosaur 5th birthday party for Aden, complete with fairy bread, lamingtons,  watermelon, a special table setting and of course cake with 5 candles!
I'd made the cake the day before for Nanny's birthday lunch so I guess the talk of birthday was just too hard resist. And of course no party is complete without singing 'Happy Birthday' and roaring like a dinosaur!


They also make necklaces and played games. What a great Nanny to indulge in a little pretend! And I can't help but show you what helpful little kids the are....washing up after the party! So cute!

Aden came home saying it was the 'best sleepover ever' so it was a win for everyone! Thanks Mum for having him!

So what do your kids like to 'pretend' the most? Or what did you like to 'pretend' as a child?

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Kylie said…
I love listening to my kids play pretend, although the older they get the less they do it...or the harder it is to catch them!
Sallie said…
We liked to pretend we were characters on tv shows.
Karen said…
My girls are constantly playing mums and dads and setting up libraries all over the house! I love imaginative play, it's so cute hearing what they say to each other
Sunds like a winning situation all round AJ.
Gill said…
My children are grown now but they loved playing at 'farming' when they were small!

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