{twenty-one} QLD Craft and Quilt Fair


This is the new additions that my Mum and sister and I came away with after spending most of the day at the Craft and Quilt Fair I was a little surprised at the $17 entry fee, as last time I went only a few years ago I think it was $10. Mum invited me along to help her pick out a new machine. She was going to get the newer version of my machine which is now 3 years old. But decided that she didn't really need all the extra stitches for the type of sewing she is going to do, so went with the Sapphire 835 I'm looking forward to having 'sewing' visits now that I can use her machine rather than the cheap chunker that she was using! Here is what I bought....

Eiffel Tower chipboard's for scrap booking - $3 & $6
Pointy tweezers (buy 1 get 1 free, so hubby can have one for his models) - $17
'Doll' tweezers - $4
Machine needles - $6
Hand quilting needles - $7
Washi Tape x 2- $6
Sequins x 5 - $1
Transformers Scrapbook - $1
Christmas stickers - $2
Christmas Card  - $3
Ribbons x 6 (1m lengths) - $13.50
Small retractable Tape Measure - $5 - not in the picture as a small boy thinks it is great fun to play with!


10 x $3.50 FQ's and two $5 FQ (the red ones)

So about $120 and well under the $200 budget I set for myself!

And Mum bought me for my birthday a thread holder and 2 new bobbins boxes! The lid hinge on mine have been broken for ages and these ones have foam inserts so the bobbins don't rattle around and unwind all the cotton, they also have a little hole in the top so I can hang them off the holder and all my threads and bobbins are together!

It was hard to get a nice photo so it just laying on the table so Hubby put it up for me straight away!

Excuse the mess on the shelves please!

A rainbow of threads!
Thanks Mum!

Here is Mum's list...
Sewing machine - $1500
Pinking shears - $90
Scissors - $70
Rotary cutter - $20
Cluck Cluck Sew Pattern Joyfully - $10
Necklace - $12
5 x Ribbons - $10
Jelly Roll - Kate Spain Joy - $38
Cake Layer - Kate Spain Joy - $40
Bobbin Box - $12
Christmas FQ - $4
'Doll' Tweezers - $4

Little Sis got...
the massive pile of blue/orange FQ's in the first photo...now sure how many she got altogether but she has big plans for me to help her with in a few weeks. And I think she got a tape measure and some tweezers too

So a good day! I'll post some pics I took of some of the quilts on display very soon!

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LittleWhiteDove said…
You, miss, are a TEASE! Awesome haul though, very jealous!
Love the thread rack!!
redraspberry said…
I desparately need one of those thread holders. Glad to see someone else's shelves look like mine! Good to see you at the craft fair.
Carmel Morris said…
I need bobbin holders like that. I am totally over all the loose thread from the bobbins unwinding, and those that have hinges, are broken.
Helen said…
Whats the thing in the white box???
Cee said…
Pffftt...I would hardly call that a 'massive' stack of orange and blue fabric. And yes I do have big pans for it....my first attempt at a quilt!! Hope you're ready to help me :) xxoo

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