{twenty-three} Sweet drawings

Aden has never really liked to draw very much. He doesn't mind painting but drawings have always been just scribbles....until now!

Last night after dinner while Hubby and I finished eating Aden asked to use his Transformers scrapbook that I'd bought him from the Craft Fair. (He should have got it the night before but he didn't finish all his dinner so he had to wait to try it out)

He sat down beside us and with me asking him questions, Do you think the turtle needs legs? What colour is Mummy's hair?...etc. He produced 3 very recognisable drawings!




I'm so proud....even though Mummy's glasses only have 1 lens and Daddy has a mono-brow!


Gill said…
Cute! I still have some of my childrens' drawings even though my youngest is 18!
Cee said…
Bahahaha Daddy does have a monobrow....well done Aden :) :) :)

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