{Twenty-eight} Inspiration

While at the Craft and Quilting Fair last weekend there were many different and beautiful quitls on display. I didn't spend as much time as I would have liked admiring them. I took some photos on my phone so I could share some of my favourites here with you!

 First up are quilts by people I actually know! I spotted Carmel's Snakes and Ladders quilt hanging in the Australian Homespun Magazine stand. She blogs at Solomon Sewing.

 And there right beside it was this stunning Rocket quilt. It was a lovely surprise to see Gillian the quilt designer and maker sitting at the stall with her machine busily sewing away. Gillian and I met at a Kellie Wulfsohn weekend sewing workshop last year. It was lovely to chat to her again and hopefully it won't be as long this time before we catch up again. She blogs at Red Raspberry


Then there was the STUNNING 'Travelling Friendship Quilt'. This quilt is massive but so wonderful in the story it tells in each and every block. You can read more about it here in their site The Travelling Friendship Quilt and there is also a Facebook page


There were many many quilt blocks to admire but I picked this one as one of my favourites.

Then there was the quilt exhibition....so many stunning, textured quilts...here are some of my favourites....







There were also these way cool sewing machines that I just have to share!



MIL said…
Wow!! Some of those quilts are amazing, and HUGE.
You must have had to wipe the drool off your chin multiple times!
Thank you for your lovely comments AJ. Was I actually busy sewing or busy talking?? Lol

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