Everyone needs a little music in their life right?

I think appreciating music and learning to play an instrument is essential for developing a whole range of skills. As a single mother of 4, my mum managed to gives us all lessons on 2 or 3 instruments each! As well as theory lessons. I'm very grateful for the opportunities she provided for us and the friends we've met along the way.

It has actually been a few years since I played any sort of instrument and I'm not sure I'd remember how, but I keen to look in to it again. Pity we don't have the room, or money, right now for a piano....best add it to that ever growing wish list.

Today Aden started his first 'music' lessons. There was lots of singing and playing a few instruments like the drums, castanets, and sleigh bells. Aden was most facinated by the teacher guitar...begging to have a turn too. 'Please Mum, I'll be really gentle. Only for 5 minutes okay? At 3 he is quite the master of the persuasive talk.  


With a bit more pleeding, after the other kids, who are quite a bit younger, had left Aden got to have a very gentle turn at plucking the strings. It also helps that Mummy has some sway with the teacher!

Do you or your kids learn a musical intrument? Do you wish that you/they did?
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Kylie said…
Luke started with violin and hated it. He's now switched to percussion and loves it.
Milly said…
Yep! Dd1 and I have been learning the piano for 3 years. Dd2 started 1 year ago. We all love it.
LittleWhiteDove said…
We've been doing baby music since O was 6 months old - now he's six and we are contemplating instruments, his current choices are piano or clarinet!

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