I'm back at work today....only 10 more weeks til Christmas holidays!

Here is some dinosaur craft we did last week. Aden's enjoys watching episodes of Mr Maker and was very excited to see him make a dinosaur. So we tried it out for ourselves. Aden was able to remember each of the steps it took to make him, with a lot of details and explaining how it was supposed to look!

Really the most exciting part was adding water to the 'gloopy' glue and 'stirring it fast like Mr Maker!'

Here is a quick guide in case you have a dinosaur mad little one like I do!

An upside down bowl, attach some tubes of newspaper for the legs, making sure they are even so he can stand up. A long tube of newspaper for the head, bent over at one end. Don't make this too long like we did, once you add the paper and glue over the top and then the paint it becomes too heavy to keep its head up. And another tube of newspaper for the tail twisted and squashed at the end to make it thinner.
Add some water to some PVA/white/craft glue and tear up some paper towel sheets into smallish pieces. Using lots of glue and getting nice and sticky, use the paper towel and glue like paper-mache and cover the whole dinosaur. 
 Wait a day or two til it is completely dry and then paint. As I said before out head was too heavy or not attached properly, either way he kept 'eating' ie putting his head down. Aden was very cute in saying "It's Ok Mum he is just very hungry" It was getting hard to tell the head from the tail so as you can see in the photo below we fixed it with a big rubber band around his tummy to hold his head up!
Mr Maker used light green and dark green paint so of course we did too! 
There you have it....a Brachiosaurus! I was originally calling it a Brontosaurus but did you know there is actually no such thing as a Brontosaurus?  

Hours of play for a small boy....okay who are we kidding 3 year-olds do not have the greatest attention span! He has played with it a far bit and taken it to show it off to both Grandparents, and Day Care, it is still together after more than a week and Aden still talks about making a 'hhhhuuuuuuugggggggggge' dinosaur so a big thumbs up to Mr Maker all round!!
Wonder what we'll make next?!?! Do you have a favourite craft/construction project to make with your kids?

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Jots Mum said…
Jot loves Mr Maker. But so far I haven't had to make something she saw on the show (although she did have to explain some spiky bug thing to me at 2am the other day)
Gill said…
I love the concentration on Aden's face in the first photo!
Sallie said…
Great idea! Thanks for sharing!

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