{five} HST

I had a major case of QADD today. I bounced from one project to another....and it didn't stop at the sewing room, I bounced from one half-finished job to another all other the house. The end result was that I didn't finish anything or feel accomplished in any way....and it was my last official day of holidays too...and child free....what a waste! So while I mope about for the rest of the evening you can enjoy some of what I did in the crafty department, as I'm sure you are not interesting in half folded mountains of clean clothes, wet clothes still sitting in the washing machine, the dishwasher unpacked but not stacked, toys picked up and placed in the right rooms but not tidied, bed covers pulled up but pillows still on the floor....etc etc etc!

I started making these HST here in September. I chained pieced them quite quickly and spend 5 mins here and there ironing a small pile and trimming them.

I'm using my design wall, that needs re-designing, to make a very crooked rough plan of what I think I might like to do with the HST, plus a few left over charm squares.
I couldn't quite get my head around how big it was going to end up with the number of units I had so I reverted to sketching out my plan on graph paper.
I've found a metre or so of a matching print from this fabric line, so I may or may not add a border at some stage.
I already have a recipient in mind....hopefully she'll love it.

Do you have Quilters Attention Deficit Disorder too?? Please tell me I'm not alone!


Gill said…
You're certainly not alone! I always have too many projects on the go and I'm still tempted by new things!
Tracee said…
Far far from being alone.
Sallie said…
You are not alone! I have 3 projects on my design wall and perhaps 6 UFOs.
LittleWhiteDove said…
I have CRAFT ADD! I love this quilt, and it just happens to be my birthday soon *whistles*
becanne said…
That looks like it might turn out huge! Very pretty.

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