How many WIP's is too many??

Following up on my 12 WIP's in 2012 I have cleaned and sorted out the sewing room (again!!) and found and photographed ALL my WIP's...I'm slightly embarrassed to be posting them all....
So how many WIP's do you think is too many???

1. Disappearing 9-Patch that is going to be made into a 'Quillow' for the boot of my mum's car....if I ever work out how to do the pillow part

2. Rainbow Log Cabin #1 - from and EB fabric swap - quilt top finished

3. Rainbow Log Cabin #2  - different layout to above - quilt top complete

4. Rainbow Log Cabin #3 - Leftover blocks that I'm going to turn into a mini quilt..... to give to Daycare for the dolls maybe

5.  Baby girl Quilt - from a cheap SL 'Jelly Roll' - some strips already joined - I don't really like this fabric at all.....Daycare doll blankets perhaps?

6. Rail Fence - pieces cut

7.  Red and White blocks....not sure what to do with these...

8. Pink Charm squares from a swap...with some white sashings already cut...leftovers from this quilt

9. Stacked Coin Quilt (with pink sashings) top completed, backing made, binding ready to go....just have to put it all together

10. Stacked Coin Quilt (with white sashings) part of the top done, backing and binding waiting...

11. Stack and Whack Blocks - what is with the orange and pink...must have liked it at some stage!

12. Don't Look Now - class project

13. 2011 Flickr Quilting Bee Blocks - A few more blocks to make yet

14. Roadworks BOM - all blacks made, just need to make the top, backing and binding are waiting....

15.  Christmas Place mats with matching Table Runner....would have liked it finished for the Christmas just gone...fingers crossed it will be right for the next one!

16. Christmas Table Runner

17. Prints Charming Play Quilt - playing with leftovers from this quilt - started out as just plain blocks and then I started unpicking some....not sure where it will go next!

18. Hand-sewn Hexagons (aka 'The Football Quilt') - I don't think this will be finished this year...but I'd love to do some more work on it

19. Pooh Bear Panel Quilt - top made, backing ready

20. Bright Cats Wall hanging - almost quilted - not sure what to do with it...not sure I like it any more

21. Baby Play Quilt - the last of 4 tops I made together - the sister quilts are here, here and here and the leftovers made these two Doll Quilts

22. Blue and White Table Runner - still needs borders when I find the right fabric

So there is my list of 'geniune' WIP's...the 'planned and fabric bought pretend' WIP's will be coming later


The Humming Cat said…
Stacked Coin Quilt coult be finished very quickly, same with your Christmas Tablemats. Chop chop!!
Nell said…
And you have to finish those rainbow log cabins - they are so bright and pretty! I am scared to go into my sewing room anymore because it seems like everytime I go in there I find another WIP that is not even on my list LOL
Emma said…
That is a seriously long WIP list! I would have loved to have joined in if I had more than a couple of WIPs. Good luck getting them finished this year!
Anonymous said…
Looks like lots of fun things to finish!! I know of some very loving homes for your doll quilts!! xo Jodie
My list of projects has 39 things on it.....* I think are awaiting quilting (which is where I am trying to get everything) 6 needed backs ( bought fabric for 4 of them yesterday) then there are 8 more blocks are done and they need to be pieced, and then the rest are at other stages. One at a time. I am going to try and get the list below 10 not counting the ones waiting to be quilted by the end of 2012.
sammyjo said…
wow well reading that has made me think maybe i can start another new project as i have got that many on the go lol. they all look great by the way love the log cabin quilts!

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