EB Sewing Bee Block!

I'm first up with the first block for this years sewing bee with the EB quilters and I have picked a maverick star block....not just any old maverick star but a 'Pieced Liberated Maverick Star'....otherwise know as wonky!

I'm not very good at wonky blocks so I thought I'd give them a try...and then make the other do them for me!

I've penciled in a plan of the quilt and I'm hoping with a rainbow of scraps (minus pink and purple as I'm hoping this will be quilted and finished by December for a certain little boys birthday) and some white tone-on-tone stars for the background, it will all work out perfectly.

Using Andie Johnson's tutorial I have made a 12.5" (un-finished) block. Here are my instructions....

Piece some tone-on-tone scraps together until they are big enough for a 4.5" square

The tutorial will help with the seam allowance and trimming if you've never make 'scraps' into a block before
Square them off to 4.5"

You will need to make 5 of these, 1 for the centre and 4 for the star points

Take 4 of them and cut on the diagonal, leave 1 uncut for the centre

Cut 8 x 4.5" squares of white background fabric
Join a HQT to one side, with the right sides together (check the white it can be hard to tell!)
Iron, trim off the excess background fabric, 1/4 inch seams

Iron it open and flat

Attach a second triangle (it doesn't have to be the other matching half, better if it isn't!) to the other side, trim away the excess background like before

Iron it open and flat, using the white background as guide trim back to the original 4.5" square

Make 3 more and trim them back to 4.5"

Lay out the finished squares, with the white background squares to make a maverick star

Join the squares into rows and then join the rows together....

A Pieced Liberated Maverick Star block!

I've left this untrimmed for now til I get them all back and then I will square them up all together!

Notes for the bee block makers....
* check the white background fabric is the right way out
* try not to make the points too skinny, I want lots of colour
* try really hard to get the final 9-patch block to match at the seams
* feel free to add any colour coordinating tone-on-tone fabric to your blocks
* 1 block would be great but if you have time I'd love you to make 2!
* leave the final block untrimmed so that I can square them all up together

Any questions just ask!


The Humming Cat said…
Are you using the white star fabric or white homepsun?
Kylie said…
OK, I' officially scared! might grab some scraps of my own and have a test run before I touch your fabric!

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