Admitting Defeat....

I've been working on this for days....on and off.....around life and it's busyness.

I've ditched the inside of the all the white squares and very close around each of the shapes, and then stippled in the rest of the white background.

I had huge issues with the top thread that kept breaking, turns out that there was a little tiny piece of plastic sticking up on the moulded thread spool that the thread kept getting caught on and not unwinding from the spool, pulling the thread to tight and then snapping it. I fixed it by filing down the plastic to stop it catching but the thread still kept breaking. A quick call into Spotlight yesterday saw a brand new spool of thread and I was off and quilting again.

I also grabbed some dark grey thread while I was there and have started quilting lines 1/2 inch apart along the sashings. I'm loving the look so far.

Aden thinks it is a good place to drive his cars along too!

As much work as I have done on this quilt in the past week sadly it is just not going to make the 12 mid-night cut off for a WIP finish in January. As much as I would love to pull an all-nighter tonight, my real (paid) work needs attending to and so does this pig sty of a house!

I am very pleased with my effort though and now that it is this close I'm re-thinking about who I was going to gift it too.

A friend had baby number 4 in September and he hasn't got his quilt yet and I was thinking that it is much too grown up for a 'baby quilt'. So I'm going to put it away and save it for one of his big brothers birthdays!

And..... when I was in Spotlight I also saw some cute 'Spot' fabrics that I think would make a great play quilt for this little baby.

So not only did I not finish a WIP this month but I made plans to start a new quilt....just don't tell Hubby!!

Don't forget to check that your WIP finish has been added here to be given a 'ticket' this month!


Milly said…
Its looking beautiful AJ. I agree to take your time and get it just right. You dont want to hurry a quilt like this.

Could you swap over to American time, that will give you an extra 14 or so hours! LOL.
The Humming Cat said…
yes, swap to antartica, that'll help!
Car said…
At least it got you quilting more and thats what counts right? I am loving the look of this especially that quilting!

i like Milly suggestion of American time, your challenge, your rules LOL
Emma said…
Excellent point, Car! It's looking terrific - I love the sashing quilting, too. Just don't let missing your deadline slow you down!
Carmel Morris said…
American Samoa time. I think that gives you as much as possible. I agree though, better to not rush it. It may be an early Feb finish, allowing you lots of time to get a head start on March.

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