Pretend WIP's

While I do have 22 'real' WIP's I also have lots of planned quilts too...these have been plans for over 12 months now so if I get any of these finished they will count toward my 12 WIP's in 2012 as well.

1.  Bright Jungle Quilt - Small 'panels' of animals with backing fabric and some matching sashings or borders from the same range

2. Some bright Chook Panels I'll do something with

3. Nest Jelly Roll and some matching yardage....I also have 2 matching pillow case 'kits'

4. Maypole Jelly Roll and a pattern book to make...something....

5.  Don't Look Now Little Monster Quilt for Bailey - I have gathered a box of bright fabrics, bought the white background fabric, and the backing I just have to make a start on it! I want to make the pillow too

6. Purple and Aqua play quilt for Milla, as her Mum won't let her play on this quilt, 'it's too good'. So a smaller quilt with no white is on order!

7. Central Park fabrics for a sew-a-long that will happen this year!

8. SL Jungle Fabric and coordinates to make a play quilt for Ronan, I've picked out Rachel's pattern to try!

So there you have it.....30 projects in all! 12 is the aim so lets see how I go!


The Humming Cat said…
I capped mine at 20. Aiming for the 12. WhCat sew a long are you doing with your Central Park fabrics?
MIL said…
Love the jungle prints, and the monsters. OK so we might not see much of you over the next 12 mths. Happy sewing!

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