EB Bee Quilt Design

I've changed my mind a few times but I think I like this one...

The 12 inch blocks I was originally making will make this quilt too big so I've scaled them down to 9 inch blocks. So 54 x 63 + I will most likey add a border.
 The stars will be the Liberated Pieced Maverick Stars from this post still, with a 9-patch block in mixed prints for the alternative blocks.

I made these up last night for the bottom purple corner. I wasn't going to have purple originally but need it to be a bit bigger, then when I had a 5 x 6 block design. A touch of purple in a boys quilt won't hurt will it?

The pieces work out to be 3.5 inches (for a 9 inch block)

And DON"T do what I did and chop all 5 into triangles!! I then had to make another one to keep WHOLE for the centre SQUARE!!

My block works out a smidgen under the 9.5 inch (unfinished) that I was hoping for....but then so is the 9-patch I made so I can live with it and just use very scant seam allowences when I join the blocks...so Bee Ladies don't worry if yours turn out a litte small too! But please don't trim it I will do that at home.

And beacuse I always worry about what the back of my blog looks like when I send them back to the quilt maker (I always think that they will be able to inspect all the little fudging I had to do on the seams to get the block to the right size, as opposed to sending a finished quilt where they can't see the back just the neat blocks on the front....make sense?)
I'm going to show you the back of my block so that the other block makers don't panic about how 'messy' the back looks, mine is by far the worst! So STOP worrying Kylie!!

Here's what it looks like with the 9-patch beside it...

The one to the left is acutally sewn while the one above is just placed there (in case you can't tell!) I think I am really going to love this quilt!


The Humming Cat said…
I think I'm going to love it too!!
Emma said…
I love your design! I think the touch of purple is fine - especially as it really is part of the rainbow.
Paula said…
The quilt design looks great... I'm sure it will be beautiful.
Austy's Mum said…
Gorgeous!!!! I loive it and can't wait to see how it all comes together! I like the purple, and when it's part of a rainbow, noone willeven notice. Austy's baby quilt is dark purple and blue because I always though purple was a unisex colour until I heard other mums mention otherwise.
purple goes for whatever. and since when were rainbows sexist. Love the idea and the look of the wonky/crazy patch stars.

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