Mystery Quilt......Sewing Instructions 2

CBC Unit (Flying Geese)

Attach a C triangle to one of the short sides of triangle B. Lay Triangle B right side up on the table with the right anlge pointing away form you. Lay C down on top with the right anlge clostest to you. You will be sewing along the bias of triangle C, so becareful not to stretch them.

Press seam towards dark colour.

Attach another C triangle to the other side. Again press seam towards dark colour.

Make 46 CBC (Flying Geese) Units

Links to
Sewing Instructions 1a
Sewing Instructions 1b


lanalarn said…
Slow down AJ, your making me feel guilty as I haven't actually started cutting the fabric up yet.I will make a start soon, I promise. It looks good so far - ca not wait to see the finished design.
Helen said…
Flying geese! We knew it! Ad and I were cuting ours up today and thinking, thats a lot of triangles, AJ does love her FG, bet there is FG in it! And wolah! LOL
The Humming Cat said…
My C block is too small??? Off to email you!
Car said…
I am seeing orange & green flying geese everywhere... orange and green when I shut my eyes. Orange and green when I open them...
Think I might jump a step & make up my mini pinwheel blocks & come back to the constantly orange & green flying geese tomorrow :)

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