Mystery Quilt......Sewing Instructions 3

I've had some requests to slow down and some requests to get the next step ready....I'm really just doing them when I can fit them in!!!

So for my lovely WA friends here is the next bit....enjoy!

Mini Pin-Wheel Blocks

Take two of the DHF units and join them together with the light traingles at right angles to each other.

Then join two of these units together to make a mini pin-wheel block...not sure if this is the actual name....just what I call them!

This is may favourite block of the whole quilt...They look so cute and really make the my opinion!! You'll end up with 8!

Sew a D square to each end of 24 flying geese.

I've added links in the side bar on all posts about the Kings Mystery Quilt, including fabric, cutting and sewing instructions.


Helen said…
Ohhhh, pinwheels! Cool! Love a good pinwheel!
Car said…
Must resist the temptation :)
Oh what the heck ~ might see what the stash holds tomorrow, buy some more & get cracking on it (BTW I will be slowly working - so don't wait for me to keep up!)

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