Roadworks Quilt - Blocks finished

I started this quilt ages ago...too long to actually remember when...I'd have to check the bank statements to see when the payments started comming out.

It is a Block-of-the-month quilt from The Apple Backet Patchwork Shop in New Zealand. They have some cute kids quilts to make. I saw this one in a magazine and had it sent over.

I started the applique by machine as I had already done hand appliques and I wanted to try something new....big mistake...I think it has taken me soooo long to do it becuase I wasn't enjoying the machine applique...and everytime I got it out I wished that it was hand appliqued! Then I ran out of some colours of cotton for the machine and have actually used a poly-cotton for the lime green as I couldn't find a 100%cotton in that colour. And DH whinged every time I worked on it becuase of the noise the machine made zipping back and forth in zig-zag stitch.

Anyway all the blocks are now finished and trimmed to size. I just have the cut the shashing and put all the blocks together.

The bright flash off the the left hand side of the picture is the relfective material included in the quilt...I had to brighten the picture as the flash was attracted to the tape and darkened the favourite is the dump truck in the top left corner.


lanalarn said…
They look fantasic AJ
The Humming Cat said…
Wowee! I love it, a construction theme, I so wasn't expecting to see this! I have come on to see the next set of the Kings Mystery! Fantastic job, can't wait to see it put together.

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