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Nurse of the Month: Lyn M******, Practice Nurse, AGPAL surveryor, APNA QLD Network Coordinator, ********** Medical Centre, QLD
What do you like to do in your spare time?
Ride on my husbands Triumph motor bikes.
Describe a typical working week - what areas/tasks take up most of your time at your practice?
I work between two surgeries in small towns 16kms apart in the Sunshine Coast hinterlands. We presently have 8 (to increase to 10 in February '08) GPs and 2 PNs. I work 3 days a week. I relieve clinical duties for the other PN one day, perform home visits for the 75+ Health Assessments, and have started a diabetic clinic on the other day. When I don't have diabetic patients (clinic is only new and a little slow to take off) I do GP management plans, TCA's, recalls for paps and immunisations, continence assessments, and what ever else needs attending to by a PN.
What are the biggest issues facing your practice?
Lack of practice nurses!!

Wonder if she will get Nurse of the year this year....She was last years runner-up...I think! (Correct me if I'm wrong!)

I've been corrected...see comments!


MIL said…
Thank you AJ. I am honoured to have been highlighted on your blog.
Last year I was runner up for 'Best Practice Award in Immunisation' conducted by the APNA (Australian Practice Nurses Assoc.)
Cascade Lily said…
My mum was a nurse for many years, so I know how hard they work. Your MIL sounds amazing!

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