Early Morning Outing

We got up early this morning, to beat the heat, to take Jester to the beach....he loves the beach but is not a big fan of swimming yet. We had to wait for another dog to come along to fetch the ball that accidentally got thrown too far out in the water....that was after said rescue-the-ball dog peed on my bag which was sitting on the sand. YUCK!!

We haven't had agility training these past two weeks because of the rain so hopefully this week we can go. I'm not sure who enjoys it the most...me or the dog!!


atet said…
It sounds like a lovely morning (minus the dog peeing on your bag). Love the quilts you've been showing lately -- and all those curves? Spectacular!
Cascade Lily said…
Wow that view is spectacular. LUcky girl! Not so lucky re the dog peeing on your bag though!
MIL said…
Fantastic photo (second one) please send copy for my grandchildren's album, Ta, MIL

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