Crafty Saturday

Had a nothing day at home I got some crafty things done....

Remember way back when I said I would be making an album for Mum's birthday well it is fast approaching so I thought I'd make a start....Each of her children will have some pages dedicated to them....these are her first born' big brother

I also had a play around with these charm squares today....I was sick of them lying around and they would've ended up lost or I sewed them into a square....can you see the mistake I made when I was putting the layout back together....not sure I can be bothered fixing it...I will have to keep an eye out for some more material to go with this to finish off the borders....I was thinking flying geese??


Anonymous said…
Looks like we both had productive Saturdays. I wouldn't bother changing the charm square, can hardly notice. Flying geese are the edge sounds great. What is the fabric? Moda A Little Romance? I have two of these packs to sew up for my niece. Back to that another weekend. I'm sewing all day today (I hope) projects for friends.
Have a great Sunday.
Cascade Lily said…
You should follow my mantra: no such thing as a mistake in a finished top!
Lindi said…
I like things that go contrary to the expected. say it was deliberate, and leave it!
Like your blog.

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