Sitting at home today feeling sorry for myself...Had a tooth pulled yesterday and then last night the pain medication made me vomit....yuck!! I'm silly though took a look at it in the mirror with a torch this morning and the sight of the clotted blood in my mouth nearly made me vomit again.....Yuck!!

But it means I get the day off work and will hopefully get some quilting done while I rest my jaw....a hard thing for me to do....as I LOVE talking!! But with no-one here to talk to, it should get enough rest!


Anonymous said…
You poor girl. Hope you got some quilting done and your feeling better for the weekend. Can't be sick over the weekend.
Cascade Lily said…
Oh no! I can't not look either! Hope some quilty therapy helped :)
lanalarn said…
Hugs AJ, distract yourself from the pain by fondling fabric. Definately need a 'spoil me' after being brave enough to go to the dentist.

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