ATB2 - Gillian's blocks

Raw edge circle blocks. I really enjoyed making much so that I am planning a quilt using them!
Following the tutorial on Cluck Cluck Sew's blog they came together rather quickly! I like pairing the floral prints Gillian sent us and them working with back into sets of 4. I'm thinking of a totally different colour scheme but I think it will work just as well!
Before they were cut into quarters

Just a little hint for those yet to make these blocks for her constructions Gillian requests that if possible, please hide the beginning and end of your seam on the raw edge applique in a light coloured section of the print I'm assuming that is so you can't see it on the line of stitching in the circle when they are being re-joined into 4's...well my little brainwave is that if you start and end the circle at the half-way point of the outside square on one side when you chop up the block on that half-way point and re-sew the beginning/end will be in the seam and you won't see it at all!! Even if it is on a darker part of the fabric?? Make sense??
I also ironed light creases in both my circle and background fabric by folding them into quarters...making it easier to match and centre the circle onto the background!
Thanks again Gillian for choosing this block. It was fun!


not only FUN! TOTallY CUTE!
great results :) thx for the photos

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