Lyn's Wedding Quilt

In honour of my In-laws visiting this week I thought I would finally post a picture of the quilt I made for them for their wedding present....although the wedding was back in October 2006 I finally had this professionally quilt for $289 (including backing and wadding) and ready to deliver in April this year.... It is now proudly displayed in their bedroom...waiting for me to make some matching pillow cases I think!! Might have them done before the 10th wedding anniversary!!

Lyn chose the colours and the design from one of my quilting magazines...not one that had a pattern though so I had to make up the measurements my self. I used a Fibinacci set of numbers, where each subsequent number is equal to the sum of the previous two numbers of the sequence itself. It supposedly makes for a very balanced quilt according to the magazine where I got the sets of numbers, as they apply to quilting. What you actually thought I was going to work out the numbers myself!!??!! I do love numbers though and Fibinacci Numbers suit me perfectly!!

Each pinwheel square is 6" finished so I used the set of number with '6' in them...I don't remember what the other numbers are at the moment but will look then up later. I sketched and then drew, to scale, what the quilt would look like and used it to work out what sizes each piece of fabric needed to be.... I double checked each measurement before cutting as I have been know to miss calculate the 1/4" seam allowance. I still managed to stuff up the very outer borders and had to re-do them.

Each pinwheel is in a different red material, with one especially being ordered from the US, red and black motorbikes!! The shinny red material making the celtic type pattern on the bottom is made from satin. It was a table runner at my wedding and one of the reason Lyn chose the red/black colour scheme as it was the same colours from our wedding. It is done as one long contunious piece of fabric and hand appliqued (the longest part to do!!) all the way around in a shinny hard to use thread, that kept tangling and knotting itself so could only be done withvery short pieces of thread and LOTS of needle threading!!

This quilt came up a little short in size and we have now worked out why!! I didn't realise the quilting would shrink the quilt so much!! The quilting is fairly detailed and that is something I will have to remember next time I do such a large quilt.

Anyway the In-Laws like it and I'm happy with it so I can add it to the list of finished quilts in 2008!!


Helen said…
WOW! AJ! This is stunning! Absolutely amazing! Look how big it is! Your IL's are lucky to have you as a DIL! Well done hon, lovely, lovely work, you are the pinwheel queen!
Emma said…
My goodness, AJ, this is stunning! I was only browsing through your blog the other day and saw a peek at the satin part of this - and almost asked how it was going! Absolutely brilliant!!! I've come across those Fibinacci numbers too; probably the same article somewhere!
Anonymous said…
AJ it looks gorgeous.... Looks like the pin wheels have blown away.... Beautiful job.
The Humming Cat said…
WoW that quilt it great!
Cascade Lily said…
What a stunner AJ! No wonder your ILs were happy!!
Austy's Mum said…
This is an absolute STUNNER AJ! I love it - especially the way the pinwheels fade out to black in the corner. Beautiful work - I bet that one was very hard to give away!

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