Star light... STAR BRIGHT!!

STAR BRIGHT is the name of this new quilt I'm making...hopefully to give to my cousins little boy....still playing around with the ideas though...his brother Luke got this quilt so I thought I would put the new baby's name on his quilt too...but his name is so much longer (Nicholas) so that has altered all the pattern lay-out I was going to do....I will be doing the stars though in these colours...but got any layout ideas anyone...each star is 6 inches finished...I was goingto alternate them with plain squares...and applique the letters onto the plain squares but.....doesn't seem right yet....still thinking!!!


Shannon said…
I love the name of this quilt, not to mention the colours and pattern.
AJ said…
Thanks Shannon...will have to make you one when you need it...soon hopefully!!
Austy's Mum said…
The stars look great AJ! It's a great block, isn't it? My first quilt was done with this one - Austy's baby quilt.
Helen said…
These look great AJ!
Millipede said…
ooooh I love the stars. Must file that idea away in my mental filing cabinet.

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