I have finished Luke's quilt today...binding and all. I just have to get the instructions off Helen to do the label for the back...(sorry Helen I forgot what you said) I don't have a photo though...while taking pictures of Jester suck in the vege garden fence (he crashed through the fence and then couldn't work out how to get out!! VERY FUNNY!!) the camera decided to play up....thank goodness it is still in warranty...for another 15 days so I must take it to be fixed tomorrow!!

I'll add the pic when the camera is not fixed but borrowed Nic's

Thanks you Sandi for your lovely email...feel free to leave comments on the blog!


Helen said…
Ohhh, can't wait to see a finished pict of Luke's quilt! CHeck out this post:

for label info! :) Poor Jester! He okay?? I keep missing you on MSN, is that your DH signing in? Chat soon, xx
Kylie said…
That is the cutest boys quilt - people always say that it is hard to do something for a boy - you have puuled this off! IT looks great

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