Quilting ideas

Deciding what to do for Bernadette's quilt...I like the idea of blues and greens ...very tropical as this quilt shows for this months P&Q magazine..called 'Tropical Fun'

Scanned images...aren't as bright as the book

I'm planning something like this....with blue stack and whack's in the middle then a green or yellow) border...then more blues (this is where the problem lays) and then a final green (or yellow) border. If got 4 different ideas drawn here ...stripes like in the quilt above...'9 square blocks' or 4 square blocks or more stack and whacks....I have squares cut out squares of blue for more s and w's but haven't made them yet...oh decisions!!!

After talking with Helen...what about 'crazy' log cabin blocks for the blue border....has the 'sqaure-ness' with out being square...lol sound silly!!

Better idea...strips that aren't straight...your a genius Helen


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