Easter 2007

Well we survived Easter 2007...drove 4 1/2 hours to DH's mum's place and then a further 4 1/2/ hours to DH's dad's place for his 50th Birthday.....DH and I cooked a yummy dinner for 15 adults!!! Roast Lamb YUM!! We've made it before...a lot different this time...and Dh's dad's wife's mum (lol) wouldn't get out of our way and kept giving annoying 'helpful' instructions and then decided to cut up the fruit salad as we were trying to dish up dinner???!!! Oh well a lovely time as had by all and I got to start and finish reading my new book... The Stone Angel... We only got one Bunny from Mick (thanks Mick!) so not to much to work off the old backside.

Luke's quilt arrived safely at his Aunty's place today...no label though...grrr found some transfer paper toady while at Harvey Norman so will have to go back there then I have finished a new quilt to label....


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