Tropical Fun

I've now put together the 'stack and wack' blocks and I love them!! They look really good together and I definitely plan on using the block again...I have also put togther the 'crazy' strip for the second border..just needing to buy some green material for the first and thrid borders so I can put it together...I'm hoping that I find the prefect material at the craft fair tomorrow....fingers crossed!! Damm my camera being broken!! I'll ask Nic to bring her camera around tomorrow when she visits, with her new man, for a BBQ. DH has decided on some yummy marinated pork fillet and BBQ potato chips...YUM!!

I still so miss my camera...Nic's just never turn out right for me!


Austy's Mum said…
I absolutely love this! The fabrics are well selected and go so nicely together. Great job!!!!

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