Happy 100th post

I was waiting to post something exciting for my 100th post...but nothing has come up....:( So I decided to post an image of myself....hehehehe and yes they are the real colour of my eyes...I haven't enhanced the colour at all just made the other bits black and white.The picture was taken in February this year...I would have posted a newer pic but the camera is still out of action and I'm still wearing my smelly dog walking cloths from this afternoon so it is kinda lucky it is!

On other things I now have 502 or is it 503 (can't be bothered getting up to check the piece of paper) hexagons...roughly about half of them are sewn together...sorry no pics..I will have to borrow Nic's camera again!

Oh yeah just realised it was Wednesday off to check Helen's blog!!


Helen said…
Happy 100th post!!!! Wow, amazing shot too! Stunning eye's, Grace has the same colour, takes after Daz, hope your kids get that gene from you! :) Glad you are enjoying Wednesday's WIP posts too, getting you over the hump in the week hey?! xx
Anonymous said…
hi aj, nice pic, just wanted to let you know i love ya heaps!! Love Bee and Sue xoxo

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