550 and counting!!

I've made 550 hexagons....after 3 games of football this weekend I was on a roll....I've sewn lots of them together and in the cold light of day (as they say) I will take some pictures of the ones I've put together so far.

On another note....The EB sewing groups Blog ring has been added to my blog...thanks Helen...I do lurk there alot and am amazed by the talent of these ladies...so thank you for letting me join and will try to get some cloths sewing done real soon...but unlike the others I have no beautiful children to sew for (yet!!) and therefore my cloths sewing is boring...work cloths...but feel free ladies to leave comments on my blog anyway it will be nice hearing from you!


Helen said…
Welcome to the Blog Ring AJ! We do sew other stuff besides kids clothes too! :) The girls are doing a pin cusion swap at the moment!
Leah said…
Welcome to the "Ring"! Your hexagons look amazing....

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