4 months

My boy is now 4 months old! And he is still as wonderful as ever!!
He is now longer than the giraffe!!

After a week of screaming and yelling at around bed time every night, I decided that Aden wasn't getting enough sleep during the day and was therefor over-tired and getting himself worked-up to frustration. I did some reading and taking with other Mum's and embarked upon a more structured routine to get Aden to sleep more during the day. It worked! Aden went from having 3 1/2 hour cat-naps during the day to 2 longer structured sleeps, with a 3rd afternoon nap if he needs it. We are still flexible of course as nothing even really goes to a strict routine with babies, but so far so good.
Aden's day now goes something like this:
3am - Feed, back to sleep with no crying
6am - wake (has been as early at 5:10am...poor Mummy!!) play on mat and with Daddy while he gets ready for work
6:45am - wave bye to Daddy, nappy change and feed
7:15am - Outside with Mummy to hang out washing, play with dog
8:00am - Nuddie Time and then quick shower with Mummy
8:30am - Sleep in cot anywhere between 1/2 and 1 hour
9:30am - Play/Go shopping/Library on Mondays/Watch Mummy clean or sew (I know which I'd rather be doing!!)
10:45am - Feed
11:15am - Play
12noon - Sleep - in cot, wrapped in a cot sheet, in the dark, with the air-con going and if he is being nice can sleep for up to 2 1/4 hours, but mostly around the 1 3/4 hour mark, although I have had to wake him twice
2:15pm - Feed
2:45pm - Play/Run errands
4:00pm - Tried bottled water at this time...took the first one and drank the full 30-40 mls in one go...hasn't had any since, just plays with the bottle sucking the water out and dribbling it down his shirt
4:15pm - play with Daddy when he gets home
4:45pm - walk the dog/go for a ride in the pram
5:30pm - bath
6:00pm - Half a feed
6:20pm - read Story with Daddy
6:30pm - Other half of feed
7:00pm - Bed for the night (He did have 3 nights of waking at 10pm for a 'top-up' feed but hasn't done it since then)
I'm really happy with Aden's sleeps now and although it doesn't always run as smoothly as this I think both he and I are feeling better for it! A least I'm getting a bit more done during the day and not feeling like each day is completely wasted!

At Aden's doctors appointment for his 4-month needles today, he was weighed and measured. I'm a little unsure about these accuracy of his weight measurements as he certainly doesn't look unhealthy/not thriving, but the doctor has referred him to a paediatrician for a further check-up. He has now fallen to the 3rd percentile for weight, but still continues to grow and develop. I think the (young) Doctor was just being cautious, as she didn't seam really concerned. She didn't mention supplementing formula feeds, thank goodness, nor did she recommend starting solids, again for which I am grateful as I would have felt 'mothers guilt' as I'm not going to do either. I'd like to wait a few more weeks til after we move and have him weighed again at the GP's at the new place before making an appointment with a pead if his weight continues to drop.
2 months - 5.37kg 61cms HC 38cms
3 months - 5.67kg 63cms HC 38cms
4 months - 5.36kg 66cms HC 41cms
As his length continues to grow I at least know where some of the milk is going!

During the Doctor's visit Aden grabbed her finger and shoved it in his mouth. She said she could feel 2 hard spots on his bottom gum...!! Hope they don't give him too much grief when they come through!

Aden rolled from Front to back for the first time last week! And now he does it consistently! Rolls both ways in both directions! He can get a good foot away from the playmat if you don't watch him! he gets himself stuck against things and has had his head wedged under the music box in his cot a few times. He also gets his feet stuck in between the cot rails...while still in his wrap..both feet through the one hole!

I am thoroughly enjoying being a Mummy to my little boy....even through the ups, downs and crying! He is so worth all the effort to have him here with us.

Aden, you are such a wonderful delight to your Mummy and Daddy and we love you very much!

Helping wrap the Christmas presents
Last beach trip before we move
Full stretch in the bath!
Playtime is getting more and more active...rolling side to side and front to back and back to front....he ends up off the mat more often than not now!

Nanny came to visit for the weekend!

First Boat Ride - Catching the ferry to Magnetic Island for a swim and play with Nanny and Roger during their weekend visit.
Wearing Nanny's hat
All smiles for tummy time now!


Liam's Mummy said…
what a little cutie!
Kylie said…
Wow - where did those four months go? He is totally gorgeous and obviously very clever!
Cee said…
Oh little man!!! Can't wait to see you!! It feels like I haven't seen you in ages!!! Only 2 more weeks and Aunty Cee will be back in QLD!! Yay!! Counting the days!!!
Bee said…
Stop growing Aden!! Your aunties are missing out! Can;t wait to see you baby boy!!! MWAH - much love, Aunty B xoxo
Helen said…
I missed this post somehow! He is soooooo cute AJ! Such a sweetie, can't believe how big he is getting.
Mrs M@sk said…
Oh wow, he is able to do long stretches of awake time for his age! No wonder he is burning off the calories. You go boyfriend! xoxo

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