I'm doing it!!!

I'm so excited...after a disastrous first attempt today and some unpicking...not a lot as I knew is was bad so I stopped...a new needle, some different cotton thread and a little bit of confidence.. (oh and a stippling foot attached properly...opps!!)...I am finally doing it!!

What is it you non-quilters may ask...FREE MOTION QUILTING!!

And I'm doing it! and it doesn't look half bad!

Trust me to take a picture of the and only (fingers crossed) loop...*sigh*...oh well...I'm going to finish this whole quilt! And despite my fingers and wrists starting to ache and my teeth hurting from clenching them while I concentrate I'm determined to do a bit more tonight....I now know why Emma stays up so late...it is addictive!


Emma said…
Wow, it looks great! Your stipples are small and smooth and even, well done! Doesn't it feel good? Just keep reminding yourself to relax; good gloves and time at the machine will help.
That is awesome! I can't seem to get my tension right. Can't wait to see the finished product! Way to go! Jenn
JazyJae's said…
I'm hoping to be able to get a lesson on FMQ very soon. Yours looks fab though.
Car said…
That looks great!

Shhhh, I am getting a new machine and I can't wait to try the FMQ on that :)
Austy's Mum said…
Well done! You're all getting the hang of this FMQ thing I should suddenly pluck up some courage and learn it mysewlf. I would be happy if mine turned out half as smooth and even as yours!
Cascade Lily said…
Well done again AJ! You are on a roll! Your stippling looks fantastic.

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