EB Doll Quilt Swap III

I received this lovely parcel in the mail last week but wasn't allowed to open it til today! And what a lovely quilt it is!!

Car has done an outstanding job and made me the most perfect quilt! It is so me! Blue and white, diamonds, pinwheels and hand quilting...all of the things I love!

I'm very impressed with the quality and workmanship...although I'm not surprised really all of the things she makes are great! Well Done Car. I love it!!
She also included some of her favourite Christmas chocolates and a magazine!

Thanks Car!!

And Emma got the one I made!
I made it using a block called 'Four in the Night' but I re-arranged the layout and edited the name to suit Emma's quilting habbit,'Four in the Morning'
I added a picture of her home town at sunrise on the label...as I'm sure she has seen a few while quilting!


~LilFrankie~ said…
That is just divine AJ, what a great job Car did, you're very lucky :o)
Becky said…
Two lovely quilts.

Let me guess... Was it chocolate elves from Car? I have heard her mention them :)
Helen said…
The quilt you received AJ is so perfectly you! Lovely work Car. ;)
becanne said…
They are both very lovely.

AJ, I really like the colour combination you put together for Emma and the name is so fitting. Nice touch with the label.
Cascade Lily said…
Two lovely quilts - perfect for each recipient. Well done Swap Mama!!!

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