Weekend Away

Dad rang us up to say that he was staying at Arlie Beach for a week or so and did we want to come down for a visit...so of course we said yes! It now takes a bit of organising to get ready and for just a short 2 night stay you sure need a lot of stuff with a baby in tow!!
Aden was a little champ in the car on the way down, I feed him before we left and he lasted the 3 1/2 hour drive without needing to stop...he was mighty hunrg when we got there though. Dad had booked us into a self contained room and they brought us in a port-a-cot for Aden. Poor Dad though, Aden cried everytime he picked him up! I know with us moving closer Aden will get to to having his Pa around and not cry so much!
View from Dad's room that afternoon, while we had a few beers and some takeaway.
View from our room (the floor beneath Dad's) the next morning.

Aden was a little unsettled with the change in routine, so I cuddled him to sleep and then put him into the cot. He still needed a feed over night but let us sleep in til almost 7am!! And what else do you do when on holidays but read a good book!
Checkout the look I got for interupting!
As it was fairly warm and the apartments had a beautiful pool with a spectatular view we decided to take Aden for his first swim. I bought him a hat, as I haven't got around to making him one yet...the smallest I could find and yet still a little big!

Here is Aden's first swim....it was COLD!! Poor little bugger didn't like it very much so he didn't stay in long...it was just too cold! Once we move I'm going to taking him swimming each week.

I enjoyed the swim though...I haven't had one for ages! The pool had a glass end in it, that looked out over the side of the hill and out to the ocean. You could walk down some steps and see into the pool. It was very cool!

Thanks for a great mini holiday Dad and Kate!!


Helen said…
Awwwww, first swim! Lovely!
Kylie said…
Ah, travel with a baby is always fun! Glad you and Aden enjoyed your time away.
Cascade Lily said…
What a great weekend away - but yeah, I know what you mean about so much STUFF!!
Car said…
Looks like a fun weekend away! Did you know you can get 'cloth' swim nappies ;)

That lazy day pattern I made a M for K and an XL for me (the small fit my 10mth old niece - but she is a big bubba!)
Natalie said…
Looks like you had a wonderful time!

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