Nappy Bag

I have been sewing...just not quilty! Now that this Nappy Bag for Christina and a matching one for Emma are finished I can get back to quilting.

Alexander Henry 2D Zoo Fabric in Home Decore weight for the outside.

Full Moon Forest by Tula Pink- Green Squirrels on the inside


Anonymous said…
Woohoo! I thought, I'll just have a look at AJ's blog and YAY the bag is there - beautiful :)

From Christina
Liam's Mummy said…
Nice nappy bag. I love the fabrics you have used. What is the pattern?
Kylie said…
Love the 2D zoo fabric! Have some in my cupboard but have no idea what to do with it!
Becky said…
LOVE this! Wish my nappy bag looked this good...
Cascade Lily said…
Great work AJ - now I see what the velcro was for!
Natalie said…
Fantastic bag AJ! I never got around to making one for me and Cheriese and ended up buying one lol.
Christina from Melbourne said…
Hi AJ - I just recieved the bag and couldn't be happier with it - and thanks for the gift!

Your skills are amazing - it is beautifully made - really superior craftsmanship!

I can't wait to get home and show my husband and mum too :)

Yay to handmade!

Christina xoxoxox

P.S. I'll send you some pics when I have my bub and my pram and it's in use!

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