Girly Quilt

I'm so proud of my little boy! He was not getting enough sleep during the day and being way over tired by 6pm that we would have a yelling/crying match for over 1/2 hour each evening! After a week of very loud crying I had had enough and decided to embark on 'operation day sleep'!

I did some reading, found a routine of 'feed play sleep play' that I thought would work for us and adapted it slightly to fit into Aden's daily pattern...with added sleep of course!

Today is day 3 and .....we have day time sleeps!!
Day 1 35 minutes in the morning, an hour being held and rocked as I was at Mother's group and no where to but him down at lunch time, and a nap in the pram while we walked the dog.
Day 2 40 minute sleep in the morning, 2 x 45 minutes back-to-back with a 10 minute re-settle at lunch and a nap in the rocker for 30 minutes in the afternoon...too hot to walk
Day 3 35 minutes in the morning, 1 hour 20 minutes (GO Aden!!) and a 10 minute sleepy cuddle as I couldn't get him back in his cot, and he has just gone back down again now in his cot for hopefully another 1/2 hour! 45 minutes woo hoo!!
So where is all this quilting time while Aden sleeps of course!

For a new baby girl due soon! Made from these charm squares, purchase in January 2008

The backing is ready and the wadding has been made from scraps leftover from other quilts.


Kylie said…
Yay Aden! Hope the sleep keeps improving and you get some more sewing time.
Cascade Lily said…
Yay for Aden! And for you and your machine!!

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