Poor Baby

Poor Aden is not feeling well at the moment...a cough and lots of sneezes...he is still feeding fine although a little fussy for day sleeps and taking a little longer to settle at night...I'd say last night was the most difficult it has been to get him to sleep...I had to hold him for a little while longer than normal and naughty Mummy, cause she wanted to watch the Broncos smash the Dragons, took him out to the lounge room for cuddles! No lasting effects though as he went down again tonight in his room with no extra cuddles.

We left Aden at home for the first time on Firday night so we could go to a work function of mine. Uncle Beau and Aunty Nicole did a wonderful job of baby-sitting. Thanks guys!

Aden had his 6 week check up this week as well...He is now 5202 grams...almost a kilo more than his birth weight. All that milk he is getting is going somewhere at least...rather than straight into his nappy....although it looks that way sometimes!

How beautiful are his eyes getting...they were quite dark at birth but have lightened up alot...I love his baby blues!

7 weeks post baby....not bad I think...still a bit more to go though!


Helen said…
You are a yummy mummy AJ! You look great! Well done for having a night out with DH. Aden is starting to look like you!
Bec Clarke said…
You look fantastic and Aden just gets cuter every day. It sounds like you have this mum thing down pat and well done for being able to have a night out already, I didn't for ages.
Cee said…
Foxy mama!!! Lookin' good AJ!! And my little bot is so gorgeous!! Those eyes!!! I can't wait until I get cuddles of my own from my gorgeous nephew!!! only 3 and a bit weeks till Aunty Cee comes to visit!!
JazyJae's said…
Your looking Fab. AJ! And little Aden gets cuter every time I see a photo of him.
Shannon said…

PHWOAR! You are one yummy mummy!!

Cascade Lily said…
You look great AJ. OMG you cannot cuddle a newborn enough!!!
You look fantastic! I haven't seen you (well in your blog anyway) with makeup one, I almost didn't recognise you. Yummy mummy!
Anonymous said…
AJ sounds/looks like you've got this "Mother" thing down pat.
He's gorgeous and so are you.
Great for you both to do some normal going out things too.

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