Blankets of Love....

After finishing the top of MY quilt.....I was left wondering what to do with the left overs.....They are too wonderful to throw out so I started piecing them together.... the have made an equally wonderful tiny quilt....just really too small to do anything with....but then I remember the 'Blankets of Love' organisation....they have people make and donate quilts for babies who die prior, during or just after birth. So I have decided to finish it and send it to them.
It is a bit wobbly around the edges due to being scraps but I'm thinking a border in either of these two blues....of maybe a thin one of each...I thought I had some backing here....a perfect pink stripe....but it is not will have to find something at the shops on the weekend.

It measures just under 28" square


Helen said…
I think we have the same shade of grey carpet AJ! This looks lovely, a perfect blanket of love.
Anonymous said…
Oh AJ what a lovely idea and gesture. We should all do more things like that.
It's looking lovely.
Emma said…
What a lovely idea; great thought!
The Humming Cat said…
Helen does have the same carpet you know!
Nice pattern and colours for a Blanket of Love.

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