Pretty Little London #crossstitch

Didn't think I would be back so soon did ya!

Well here it is... my first finish for the year for #finishitfifteen

1 year ago today we were visiting London and when we got back I found these via Instagram. I'm going to add the date and frame them for my craft room. I can't decide if I should leave them in a hoop or frame them under glass. Any display tips welcome! 

It was super fun to stitch up and the perfect little carry around project. 

I also have Pretty Little Paris to start soon. 

The holiday planning goes into overdrive when you see the other cities that NEED to be stitched! 

1 down 14 to go! #finishitfifteen


Khris78 said…
It looks great ... I love the look of cross stitches framed in hoops :))
Deb R said…
Tis gorgeous!
Cee said…
I think in the hoops looks best :)
Paula said…
We've got a number of framed cross stitches that my MIL completed for us... The frame looks nice. We use Centenary Framing for all of the craft framing as they do a great job.

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