Ready....I think....

School starts next week for most of the country....for me it starts tomorrow! Ekkkk!

It's my first year as a 'school Mum' as my boy starts Prep and my first year teaching Prep. I get to meet my little ones tomorrow as the come in for orientation. I've spent all week doing long hours, 7am til 6pm, at the classroom and then many more hours into the night  to get ready with name tags and fine motor games, and curriculum planning and resources for the classroom.

I'm basically building a Prep room from scratch as resources and funds are low. I'm being thrifty where I can and excepting donations from family and friends.

Which brings me to sharing my next #finishitfifteen project!  You can read more about it here. but basically the aim is to finish 15 projects in 2015. 2 in less than a month means I'm far...

MIL gifted, ie left them at our house, these foam cushions and I've always had intention to turn them into cushions I can use at school....but never seemed to get around to it.

My Mum kicked my butt into gear last week and worked out the measurements for me and whipped up 4 while I fussed around with her photo books from her holidays, 

And then quickly running out of time I did the other 4 on Saturday. All fabric from the stash and so not at all matching and pretty but free, if you count fabric from the stash as 'free' and done! 

I'm hoping to share other crafty endeavors for the classroom as I get the time. 

Happy first day back! It is going to be a cracker of a year!


Car said…
You go girl - love those cushions!

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