Ringing in 2015

Well actually there was no ringing to be heard, just noisy neighbours and heavy rain, a few drinks and family chatter. An appropriate end to 2014. It was a bit of a 'meh' year....nothing too terrible, nothing too exciting, just busy full-time work and the stress that goes along with it, family events and getting on with things.

2015 is bringing some changes and with it a new outlook. I'm still thinking of my 'one little word' for 2015 and I'll post about that as soon as I have it nailed.

My boy is starting school in a few shorts weeks and we are both feeling some anxiety towards it.  . He is more than ready both academically and socially, I'm just not sure how he will go with the 'sitting still and listening' part of school. He always has a thought to express or a question to ask. He doesn't like to 'do it wrong' and sometimes is unwilling to try if he perceives that he might fail. I've handpicked his teacher (the perks of him going to the school where I teach) and I know he will fly under her care but still the worries are there (Do they ever go away when you are a parent?). He is very 'Mummy attention' orientated at the moment and needing to be near me. He is currently on 2 weeks straight of night waking and mild panic attacks, which have moved to include day sleeps (which are rare but still needed, especially in this busy festive period) and car travel.  He is worried that he is 'too big and everyone is shrinking and you and Daddy get to little to cuddle'. So we are doing lots of cuddling and reassuring that he will never get to big to cuddle.

I still feel our family is not complete, that my mothering tasks are not done, that I have more to give and love to share. We will be continuing our IVF journey but the timelines aren't clear yet. I'll stay focused on what I can control and keep my fingers crossed for a few less bumps in the road.

Work is setting new challenges this coming year with a new year level to learn and adapt to. I'm very keen to jump in with both feet and tackle it head on. I'm wanting to be more organised, more routine and more focused on work during work hours and spend less time working at home. I know that won't really be an option til after the first term and I have settled into my new role, but that is the goal. I'm taking on a mentoring teaching role this year and thinking about where else I'd like the career to take me in the coming years.

We have some family goals and wishes to work towards. Mostly upgrading material items and getting our house comfortable and reflecting us and the way we want to live, with less clutter and more focus. We have plans to camp and spend family time relaxing and making memories. I love the 'traditions' I remember from my childhood, holidaying at the same spot each year, camping with  school friends and playing in the river and I want that for my boy too. I want to spend more quality time with  my hubby and grow our relationship.

Of course in between all that I'd love to include some crafting time. I plan to finish more (separate blog post coming), procraftinate less, do things rather than just plan on doing them and generally be more productive. My project life and photo sorting are a high priority as is gifting homemade. I have high expectations.

Oh and read! I plan to read a lot this year. I've missed it over the last few years. I used to carry a book with me everywhere and I got our of the habit. I love staying up late reading (and usually regretting it the next day but it doesn't stop me!)  which is how I started the day today. I turned out the light at 2:38am with just 2 chapters to go but my eyes wouldn't stay open any longer! I finished it this morning and I've spent a good few hours reading reviews and building a list on Good reads to track down at the Library. I've got 3 books on my bedside table to choose from and I'm setting myself a reading goal. 50 books in 2015.

So bring on 2015 I'm ready and willing for a fantastic year ahead!


Car said…
Pom poms at the ready for your huge year ahead!

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