Quilts in 2014

Quilting was practically non-existent this year :(

Returning to work full time has seriously taken a HUGE chunk of my crafting time. I'm going to make up for it this year, although still working, I'll be doing only 1 full time  job not 2 part time jobs that was like 2 full time jobs!

In December I finished a quilt for Aden's beloved Kindy teacher.

Embarrassingly this quilt was started in June 2009 when I was 8 months pregnant! I added a border and sandwiched it at Quilt Camp 2014 (which I must blog soon too I guess). The colours were perfect for his teacher

Aden had 1 Kindy teacher and 2 assistants so I pulled 2 finished quilts off the shelf that were made for no-one in particular and gifted those as well. He has super excited to be giving quilts to his teachers and so was I. They have often complimented me on the quilts Aden  took to Kindy for rest time. I've got some lovely pictures of him wrapped up in quilty-goodness with his teachers. 

We added some drawing to the lables on the backs of the quilt. 

Lake's Ripple blanket although not technically a quilt was finished in September. I can't seem to find any finished photos of it finished....I'm thinking my MIL took some...?? 

I learnt a new craft and I've got a stack of other projects in mind to work on in 2015

 I even learnt how to sew in the end neatly...I just hope they are still in! 

A 80th birthday photo memory quilt commissioned by a colleague was completed in August. This one had a super short turn around...although it was in the 'thought bank for a few months before I had all the materials and could start. It was VERY well received. The lovely complementary texts continued for quite a few days afterwards!

Started in July

And that's it....2 quilts and 1 crocheted blanket. I'm hoping to at least double that in 2015


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