Moda Friendship Quilt - Block 30

So in keeping with doing things a little bit backwards and different I have started with Block 30...the last block.

I'm really not happy with the amount of fabric they waste for these blocks. I did this one as per the instructions and I WON'T be doing the same for the rest of the blocks.

If you haven't started on this block yet ignore the  part where it says to 'cut stripes 22" long' They only need to be 14" or 15" max if you want a little movement. 

My advice is just check how big each piece is in the piecing instructions and add up how much you will need yourself, especially if your working with scraps/stash like I am!

I actually quite like the design of this block and a whole quilt of them wouldn't be too bad either.

Here is a link to Block 30


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