Kindy Quilt and first day photos

Aden stated Kindy this year....the day after he turned 3 and 6 months old. And he is loving it so far!
He is coping really well with the swap over from 3 days of Day Care to 1 day of Day Care and 2 days of Kindy.

He is thriving at Kindy. The routines and expectations really suit him. He comes home singing songs, chatting about his new friends, what story they read that day, what art he made and if he got into trouble or not (usually for talking at rest time!!) and of course he loves his teachers.

And you can't start Kindy without a new quilt! Aden picked this 'Lightning McQueen' fabric out a while back and had to have 'finish flag' fabric to go with it. A few matching tone-on-tones from the stash made it an easy quilt to pull together and my first finish for the year.

It is the prefect size for the beds they have a Kindy.

I did in-the-ditch quilting to get it done quickly and 5-point stars on the red fabric. I had planned to do a lightning bolt on the yellow and '95' on the orange but Kindy day rolled around too quickly and I needed to bind it and wash it up ready for his first day. I might go back in the holidays and add the other bits.

The backing was all stash fabric too! This red/black/white print was perfect! 

A drawstring bag and a little pillow left very little leftover fabric!

I have a piece of paper somewhere with how many FQ's I used to make all of this but it has disappeared from my pin board....I'll come back and add it soon....but it was all from the stash making a great dint in my count!!


~LilOlFrankie~ said…
Great stash busting AJ!!! Off to Spotty 30% off to increase mine lol

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